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I appreciate Ryan Ross, The Legend Of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and Resident Evil. This is just my backup.

Anonymous: Die.


Oops been ages since I posted anything as I’ve been so busy lately!

im glad that i can be on this blog and bitch about stuff and not get shit on for it bless this gay ass earth

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JOHN: hi dave! JOHN: what’s so funny?
Dave | John

I live in an island, so yesterday we had a really bad mist (like silent hill style) around the city ‘cause of the ocean and things like that. So what happened to show up inside of the mist? THIS DUDE! THIS DUDE SHOWED UP FROM NOWHERE WEARING THIS SILENT HILL PYRAMID HEAD COSPLAY AND JUST STOOD THERE! IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE OF THE STREET! FUCK! I ALMOST DIED WHEN I SAW THAT! To make it worst it was 2AM!

like i’ve seen two different posts with girls like turning dude shirts into cute girl shirts/dresses and for some reason dudes we’re like “hey let’s make this into a joke and do the same thing” like wow you should be a comedian good show

but really those girls are actually really clever and you’re kinda laughing in their faces way to go assface

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